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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Daylilies For Bloom Day...

You may remember an earlier post...The Fable of the daylilies here at Clay and Limestone. Now that they are actually in bloom, they might be identifiable. Might being the operative word!

Mrs. Greenthumbs said it best when she said all the daylilies she ordered had a melon tint to them! I see lots of melon tint...aren't they lovely! Whether they get an identity or not they make me smile.

Thanks, Carol (May Dream Gardens) for hosting Bloom Day....I appreciate how much work goes into coordinating this wonderful event!

Let me present the June Daylily blooms from Clay and Limestone....

Grandfather Time has been identified...brick red with a yellow throat or is he Summer Interlude? Such fun we are having in the garden and on the internet!

Kindly Light..... A classic spider, one of my favorites .

This could be Oakleigh...listed as a melon colored daylily in my notes but, there are other melon daylilies!

I know this is Stella!

I hope they made you smile, too.



  1. Very nice. I love daylillies. I bet some of these are fragrant, like peonies I think he fragrant ones are best but yours are all beautiful. My daylillies are just coming into bloom.

  2. They are blooming all over Georgia now! Beautiful flowers in your garden!

  3. They did make me smile and I also like the spider one the best, I think. It is different and I like most all things that are different I probably should not admit that to a therapist. LOL

    We have something that blooms at the same time as my daylilies are also blooming! Can you believe that?

  4. Gail, your daylilies look so cool and refreshing (except for that hot granddaddy!). I especially like that second one. I'm becoming more and more fond of spider types. I love plants that move in a breeze.

  5. Gail, a Lily-lover's paradise! Names or not, they are wonderful. None of mine are showing buds yet, but I am hoping in the next couple of weeks to see some. Thanks for the delightful show.

  6. I love that kindly light spider day lily!

    I haven't had a lot of luck with day or tiger lilies down here in Houston. I'm still looking for a suitable replacement for them in the garden.

  7. Wow, you have so many. I like those lemony yellow ones. They make me feel cooler.

  8. Your day lilies are beautiful. I love having an rss feed to your blog now. I feel like you waving to me from Nashville! I like feeling connected to you through your beautiful flowers.

  9. Beautiful daylilies - I really should work on thinning mine out and moving some. You've inspired me to do this.

  10. Such beautiful colors! When you have time to stop by you'll see that the day-lilies are center stage in my garden right now,too. But I have only one variety--the Stella. I really would like some of these different hues, but first I have to find a place for them!

  11. @lynn:
    She's not waving from Nashville : she must be waving from outer space.

    I've heard of 'Ellen Willmott's ghost' ( a type if eryngium that she trailed behind her by dropping seeds in every garden she visited), and now it seems we have 'Gail's ghost'.
    Or a clever lady using the pre-datet option.

    Gail, wherever you are eating your icecream cone: have a good time, and your hyperica are cool.

  12. ......or even pre-dated ;-)
    I hate leaving typo's, sorry gail.

  13. My daylillies are just beginning to bloom.
    It is a surprise what I have.
    This is my first Spring garden in my new smaller home in Nashville.
    These plants were moved last year before they bloomed.
    I am thrilled at what my new garden area is producing.
    Love your site.

  14. Beautiful daylilies. They are great to look at!

  15. Gail, What beautiful daylilies!!! I love them, too. I've never grown a Spider... Wow! That was impressive. :-) I'm sure I have room for a couple more. (I have many buds beginning to form, but only a couple of blossoms so far!)

  16. What a pretty idea for June Blooming Day, Gail!
    It's always great to see my old favorite Kindly Light, and who would mind a daylily that looks so melonlike that you are tempted to take a bite?

    So with Kindly Light as number one, my second place vote is the delicate ivory and mauve combination in the fourth photo.

    They sure made me smile, Gail!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  17. You've got so many pretty daylilies! Mine haven't started to bloom yet...I love your yellow spider!

  18. Yes, smiling while scrolling and enjoying the rainbow. I am not so fond of melon colored but your spider is gorgeous and the brick red shouts out! Only Stella in bloom here.

  19. They certainly made me smile Gail and so did Viooltjes remark. This year I''l be having daylilies too, for the first time but not as many as you. What a lovely collection you have and how very pretty they all are!!!

  20. What a great bunch of Daylilies! Your 'Stella' looks more like my 'Happy Returns.' (Stella is more orange yellow around here.) I've had the same "melon" problem with Daylilies. They are described as one color, but in the garden their predominant color is, yes, melon. That makes the reds & pure yellows that much more valued. (Sorry I'm so late getting around, but the kids are bored & expect me to entertain them.)

  21. Everyone,

    I have a momento to respond! Glad you all liked the Daylilies...and that they made you smile.

    I only really can identify Kindly Light~ So glad you like her and that she makes you smile Annie! It's possible MMD that it's Happy Returns not Stella!! I did add that Daylily at one time! Although, I bought Stella at a big box store...she might be any daylily!

    See you all soon and thank you...can't wait to see all your bloom day posts.


  22. Such beautiful daylillies. I'm just starting my collection. I like the melon colors, the lavender one is pretty too, heck they all are! :)

  23. I have to agree with Mr. McGregor's Daughter - the daylily you labeled as Stella looks just like my Happy Returns (who happens to be a child of Stella, I think). The Stellas here are dark gold and seem to glow at sunset. And as for the big boxes . . . . I bought a daylily labeled at Stella that is NOT a small sized one and it's red. So much for big boxes . . . .


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