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Monday, March 24, 2008

Your It....

~Nashville Mustard (Leavenworthia stylosa---yellow form) growing in a neighborhood field~
This lovely plant is often seen in cedar glade conditions like this field near our house. Also on this site are glade sandwort(Minuartia patula) and sedums. The ground is squishy wet underfoot during the spring and bone dry all summer in full sun.

and now for the rest of the story:

I've been tagged by shady (Does Everything Grow Better...). Shady, there is nothing weird about me I am so normal, sweet, kind and well, just about perfect;-) Okay, okay, I'm it!

Here are the rules as copied from shady's site:

"Once tagged, you are to write a post listing ten weird, random facts or habits about yourself. Then you find 5 people to tag. Not only do you list them at the end of the post, you have to tell why you chose them. Next, you must leave a "You've been tagged" comment on their blog. They'll come back to read the details. Once these good people have posted their list, they must remember to let you know. One good thing - they can't tag you (or me) back! ;-)".

1. I never untie my shoe strings when I take off my tennie runners....

2. I have a habit of making up words for common items, like tennie runners for tennis shoes. The English call them trainers which makes perfect sense, but would someone please explain how they got 'Jumper' for a sweater? I mean it's a sweater!

3. I have a slew of cartoon characters and their tag lines in my head...

4. I love the stark beauty of a cedar glade and a country cottage garden....imagine them together in the same yard... clown pants.

5. I can remember either the latin name of a plant or its common name but not at the same time.

6. I love metaphors.

7. I am almost completely right brained....which drives our left brained friends nuts. Take the test here

8. No one believes this, but I am an introvert.

9. I get distracted all the time and forget what I was going to do, going to say and just now going to type....oh yes, that is it! I don't really know how to type!

10. I miss Molly Ivins...

I am going to tag Tina, In the Garden she will love this task, Beth at An Urban Plot, she writes about sustainable gardens and is a new blogger, Dave at
The Home Garden, his blog is helpful and he is funny, so his list will be good; Wicked Gardener, she faved me and I would love to know a gardener who is wicked; Francis at Faire Garden, a wonderful story telling gardener and Phillip at Dirt Therapy, two of my favorite words together. These folks are not just the 5 that got too close to me and couldn't get to home base...they are bloggers I want to know more about.

Your pal?



  1. I can see you are going to make me think! I put up a post you might be interested in. I found a wildflower in the forest area near my in-laws house. Mt.Juliet has the cedar trees in abundance so these are probably good candidates for cedar glades. :)

    Now time to think...

  2. I don't untie my shoes either. I can see that we also have a few more things in common as well. Distractable and introvert. Somehow it's easier to "talk" to people when you're not face to face! I used to be better at not letting myself get distracted, somehow I seem to get worse as I get older.

  3. Gail !
    I took that test and I am totally confused .. I see the dancer going clockwise .. but I am more the left sided brain .. oh heck .. 50/50 on each .. what does that mean about me ??? haha
    That was a great option to the post .. now I'll be confused for the whole day ?
    I can't back my car up to save my life .. hubby will do it for me in the drive way .. if I'm on my own .. I'm TOAST ! haha
    Still laughing over those cute foibles of yours !

  4. Dave,

    I love the search for a plant identity....if you want help I will be glad to look at the photo but I think you like the hunt, too!

    I did see your post today, lovely little darling of a wildflower.


  5. cinj,

    Yes it is easier to talk via a posting! How's the weather?


  6. joy,

    isn't it a fun little test? I usually see her spining one way but occasionally she is moving the other way....very interesting! How was your weekend, I have been and still am out of town.


  7. Hi Gail, it was interesting to find out stuff about you. I had been tagged, twice actually, while sick, one for this same game, so I will pass on this one. But it looked like you tagged six people so I'm off the hook. I think it was Melanie that tagged me for this last week. Sorry, I was on home base, you just missed it! ;->

  8. Frances,

    Where in your blog is the list? Would love to read what you wrote!

    So sorry you were ill.

    Home base is a good place to hang out!


  9. Hi Gail!
    What a fun post you created from this assignment! :-) I hate untying my shoelaces, but it just means that I have to do it later... when I want to put my feet back in the shoes! ha.

    I'm right-brained, for the most part, but I've operated in a "left-brain world" for a long time. So, I can see the ballerina twirling in both directions. (Most of the time clockwise, but often the reverse.) THAT might also be described as "clown pants!" ha.

    (Your use of the term was apt and made me laugh!) ;-)

    We are going to have a Beautiful Day, today! hurrah!!!

  10. Nancy,

    hello...glad you liked the list, yes # 1 and # 4 are especially me.


  11. Shady,

    I can see her spinning both ways, I have to operate in the other world, too.

    So spring is finally in your garden, that is wonderful.


  12. Gail- Weather is cold, cloudy, and it's supposed to snow---AGAIN! Ugh.

    I just tried that little right/left brain quiz. I must be completely wacky. First she was going counter-clockwise. When I tried to focus and get her to rotate the other way she just stopped completetly. Then she was jumping back and forth in a blur type motion. It was really weird!

  13. cinj,

    Sometimes for me too...it isn't accurate but fun!

    Oh, that weather, I am sorry...we had snow flurries in MO when I was there this weekend but no accumulation but cold and cloud, just like I remember growing up!


  14. i posted my tag post. it wasn't bad for myself but so hard to get others! especially with some of the old bloggers that you know probably had been tagged before. but the dastardly deed is done. we'll see. found some of the posts really interesting! your weird 'but perfect' things too. glad i knew you ahead of time as that made it easier.

    our new site is live, but i haven't stopped using the blogger yet. i have to do a post on it soon and will have to change the webpage at all of the registeries. that is a bummer!

  15. From your list, I see that we have some things in common. I'll have to think about this before posting something! I have so many weird habits...

  16. Tina,
    I am confused about your blogger status change you'll have to explain it some more...that right brain thing!


  17. I want to take the test!! My husband says it's impossible to rotate you right foot clockwise and your right hand counter clockwise. Anyway--wonder if that is on the test--our younger son can do both. I enjoyed reading you quirks and weirdo things---but really think you are pretty normal--it's the rest of us who have gone nuts.

  18. Anna,

    I am back checking comments and see you posted....did youtake the test?

    right or left?



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