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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Point and Shoot

It occurs to me that blogging will have two additional bonuses; my writing might improve and so might my photography.

I used to shoot with my 35mm Olympus. I knew what I was doing. The digital camera that I now use is a Fuji S5000. Seriously, the primary reason I got this particular camera is that it looked and felt like a 35 mm camera. I thought the transition to digital would be easier.

The truth is I don't really know how to use this camera to it's full advantage....and to take that a step further....I haven't spent any time trying. I have been content to use it much like a point and shoot experience.

I don't have any expectations that I am going to morph into a great garden photographer (or writer)....but I want to learn to take closeups of garden vignettes that aren't blurry.

I am pretty sure I can accomplish that much! In the meantime, you are going to get to see some pretty basic shots that are pretty to my eye (and maybe yours).

Here for your enjoyment are the point and shoot shots from the back and side doors of my house this morning and from a walk in the neighborhood.;-)


Please note i added photos later in day.


  1. Ok, we'll be waiting for those photographs :-)

  2. Gail
    I have an Olympus SP-550UZ .. the reason I have this one is because it is 18 x optical zoom .. but now to think of it all I want are great close ups of my plants too .. the problem is I haven't studied my manual either (we should form a club) .. super macro isn't working great for me .. I must be doing something wrong .. but it is trial and error with me .. readin things don't stick in my mind .. I have to 'do" it to learn .. come over and we'll practice ? LOL

  3. Nancy and Melanie,

    I added the photos ( noted in post) ...they are point and shoot, but hey, I will get there! ;-)


  4. Joy,

    If you read between the lines that is exactly what I am saying! I look at technical stuff and my mind shuts down....I blame it on my right brain!

    Wouldn't coffee be fun? Can we meet half way!? Where would that be?


  5. Lovely photos, all the camera talk is over my head, so I'll just enjoy what coming when you read the manual. ;->

    Frances at Faire Garden

  6. Nice pictures of the snow! It was a good day to take some pictures, at least it was early in the day. That sun melted what we had quick!

  7. Dave,

    There is a small amount on a few roofs and in the shade....it was pretty but I don't miss it.

    I am ready to plant and rearrange the gardens.


  8. i am not into the camera thing at all. never knew blogs were so much about pictures-though it makes it more interesting!


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