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Monday, February 18, 2008

Finally! We have photos....

.Heuchera with daffodil
Helleborus Royal Heritage
sweet unidentified daff



  1. A breath of spring blew in from your photos! We are so fortunate to live in an area where spring comes at the time we most need it. Love the daffs, hellebore and heuchera.

    Frances at Faire Garden

  2. It looks like winter's hold is loosening in your garden! The daffs over here are just starting to come out so no flowers yet. Our heuchera is the purple palace, what kind is yours? It looks like it might be the same.

  3. i like that daffy/heuchera combo. nice.

  4. Dave,
    It's ruby veil heucera. It is a deeper purple than most palace purple that I have seen and it is a wonderfully hardy ever-purple leaved plant. Who cares about the flowers!

    I have some very early daffs....(now I am wondering what happened to February Gold, hmmm.) and this yard is just a bit warmer.


    We are lucky aren't we, remind me this summer when it's hot, humid and in the midst of a drought.
    But I love Tennessee, it is a beautiful state.


  5. My goodness ! How lucky you are to have such nice flowers to see right now. I'm surprised about what we have in common .. clay soil .. yet plenty of limestone .. and hot humid summers ? Wow .. misery loves company ? LOL
    Joy (Kingston, Ontario eh !) : )

  6. Hi again Gail .. your post was submitted for a "pick" on Blotanical .. I didn't even know about picks until today ! LOL
    Talk about a "Duh?" few weeks I have had.
    I have two of the cultivated "Tennessee" coneflowers in my gardens : ) can't wait to see how they do this year ..
    When does Spring show up in Southern Ontario ? .. when it feels like it ! LOL .. actually this has been one of the harsher winters we have had in a long time .. I am so sick of it and very jealous of all the other nice parts of the gardening world .
    Hang in there with the blog .. you are doing a great job !
    Joy : )

  7. No blooms for me yet:(. I did see that my viburnum had bloomed but the cold got it. That happens a lot here in NC. Your pics were very cheery and helped to brighten this dreary day.


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