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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Few More Spring Photos

can't wait to see the PJM blossoms
epimedium with burgundy-browned leaves
I fear the heuchera has heaved itself out of the ground this winter


  1. Those heucheras are often trying to leave the earth, don't they know they cannot survive without their roots in the soil? Mulch them to keep them from roaming about.

    Frances at Faire Garden

  2. My heucheras and iris always heave out of the ground, but they seem to survive anyway. If I happen to notice it, I'll pile more mulch around them, but sometimes they'll go like that for quite awhile.

  3. love your epimedium! where did you get it? i have one but it lost its leaves. not sure if i got the right kind.

    it was a PLEASURE meeting you last night. we are going to have to meet earlier, maybe do dinner prior to the meeting or something-just so we can talk.

    are you going to the lawn and garden show? geri and i will be there on thursday. that is a real big look forward for us.

    the other is ut's summer celebration in jackson tennessee. i usually drive and a bunch of us carpool. this takes place in july. if you want to go you can jump on board with us. four of us went last year and it worked great! so let me invite you now!

    i am going to do a post on pps and new friends a little later today. today is the day when the paper scrapes my post for printing in the paper tomorrow. they INSIST i keep it under 500 words-as you know-that is difficult for me!

    wanted to tell you, there are typing courses online you can take. also typing tests. they are very informational. try them out! ttyl

  4. meant to say, frances, do you know what heaved in my garden? mondo grass. was quite surprised. the heucheras are staying put.


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