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Monday, March 9, 2015

Won't You Join Us For Garden Bloggers Fling In Toronto!

 Westwind Farm Studio, Portland Fling Summer 2014
I probably don't have to tell you that Garden Bloggers Fling is an annual event for garden bloggers that is held in different cities around the US or that we've been garden-touring and socializing every year since 2008 when 30+ garden bloggers got together in Austin, TX! Since that first Garden Blogger Fling get together, we've been to Chicago, Buffalo, Seattle, Asheville, San Francisco, Portland and this June 5, 6 & 7, 2015 we're heading north to Toronto, Canada and I hope you can join us.

Lurie Garden, Chicago Fling Summer 2009
 I promise you'll have a grand time. If you've never attended there's SO much to look forward to~Meeting gardeners from all over the US, Canada and Europe; eating good local foods, visiting the host city and of course there are the gardens!
Seattle Fling  summer 2011
I can't say enough about the gardens. They're always spectacular, often unique, incredibly inspiring and each and every one of them has a certain je ne sais quoi!
Asheville, Summer 2012
Please join the Toronto Fling organizers Helen Battersby and Sarah Battersby of Toronto Gardens, Lorraine Flanigan of City Gardening Online and Veronica Sliva of A Gardener's World and the rest of us for a really fun time! Stop by  the Garden Bloggers Fling website for more information...Registration is still open!
Buffalo Summer 2010
Here's the first official Garden Blogger Fling photo!
Austin Spring 2008
So many dear faces.
I hope to see yours in the Toronto Garden Bloggers Fling photo.

Gail Eichelberger is a gardener and therapist in Middle Tennessee. She loves wildflowers and native plants and thoroughly enjoys writing about the ones she grows at Clay and Limestone. She reminds all that the words and images are the property of the author and cannot be used without written permission.


  1. This brings up fabulous memories - thanks! See ya in T'town in June!

  2. The Fling has led to many treasured friendships and happy memories. I can't to see everyone in Toronto this summer!

  3. Fun to pick out the faces I know in that original photo, see you soon!

  4. Hmmm... looks like a grand time. I am just making my final decision about registering. Will send an email tomorrow if I do. :)

  5. I'm looking forward to the gardens, and to meeting new friends and renewing old friendships - see you in Toronto!

  6. Happy Blogiversary Gail...lovely. I wish I could join in the fling, but can't, what fun it looks like.


  7. Gail, I am really looking forward to meeting up with you again in Toronto! The Portland Fling was a major uplifting experience for me. I only knew a couple of people from Austin and not well at all. Everyone I met was super and I felt so at home. See you in Canada!

  8. Enjoyed the photos. Wish I could join you. Hope you all have a wonderful time.

  9. What a wonderful photo of the first Fling. I'm looking forward to my first one in June, and one of the highlights will be getting to know favorite bloggers like you. June is just around the corner!

  10. Judy and I will be there. Looking forward to seeing everyone then!

  11. Oh, how I wish I could go! But the timing is wrong for me this year. Thanks for all the lovely photos and reminders of the Flings I have attended--Chicago, Asheville, and Portland. Will miss seeing all of the wonderful friends I've met at past Flings!

  12. Gail, you are a Fling Professional! So looking forward to meeting you this summer. Promise that the snow will be gone.

  13. The flings sound like so much fun! One of these days I'll get to one, now that the kids are a little older. Have fun in Toronto!


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