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Friday, March 25, 2011

Need Wildflowers?

The first time I walked the paths of the Howe Wildflower garden at Cheekwood Art and Gardens I felt at home. It was on hillside, with tall canopy trees, understory cercis, oakleaf hydranges, hypericum and wildflowers. It spoke to me in a sweet whisper~"You can make this garden on your little slope..."

Since that long ago time, I've been striving to have a garden that made me feel as at home as the Howe Garden.
Coal in the Garden of Benign Neglect

The annual Wildflower Sale to benefit the Howe Garden is where you'll find me on Saturday morning. You can never have too many native plants and certainly never too many wildflowers!
  • March 26 Native Plant Sale
  • 10:00 am until all plants are sold!
    Featuring native plants that thrive here in Middle Tennessee, this springtime Cheekwood tradition is sponsored by the Garden Club of Nashville, and benefits the Howe Wildflower Garden at Cheekwood.
Springtime at Clay and Limestone
Hope to see my local gardening friends there today~


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  1. Enjoy the sale! Mercer Arboretum here in Houston is having theirs this weekend. If today is open to the public, I may have to change my plans and go!

  2. Me too, Helen. I adore wildflowers an can think of nothing lovelier than joining you both. (I will be attending a dear friend's funeral :( Love the blooming redbud and purple bench. Gail. And you have forsythia in bloom ... lucky you! It's in the 20s here this morning ... but it is ... sunny :)

  3. Dear Gail, Your redbuds down south are always so much prettier than ours, though we do love ours. Love seeing the inspirational place for your own garden home. Won't make the sale - can't wait to see what you find!

  4. Gail, the last image is sublime - I just want to be sitting on your chairs with you, chatting and catching up!

    Have fun at the plant sale

  5. Ooo Gail, love the redbud with your purple chair! I wish spring would come to New England...

    xxoo Lynn

  6. Enjoy your plant sale. The SCNP plant sale is in April, the second weekend. I plan on being there bright and early. Great plants on the horizon!

  7. Wish I could attend. I could use some more wildflowers here. I have spring beauties blooming. Yay. Have a fun weekend.

  8. Enjoy the sale! We have to wait a little longer up here...plant sales usually are in May.

  9. Coal in the garden, looking good! I hope you find some treasures, dear Gail, at that wonderful Cheekwood sale. Your own garden is so similar, the two gardens could be twins. Seperated at birth. :-)

  10. Looks like a nice day there.
    We have a Native Plant sale
    somewhere around here in southern NJ. Have to ask a master gardener I know. Thanks for the reminder.

  11. I know you will come home with some treasures. The garden looks so very inviting and Coal seems to have found a perfect perch for hunting.

  12. It looks to me like you succeeded. You can never have too many wildflowers. It seems like there's always something different to try.

  13. I love that last image with the redbud. The colors are so pretty. Nice to have a natives sale too. Wildflowers are beautiful in a natural garden.

  14. Looking good Gail. Coal sure seems to be enjoying it. I love to see wildflowers, such an array of colors.

  15. The purple chairs really caught my eye! Adorable! So, too is your cat, Coal. It's nice to have a garden speak to you, especially one that says you can do the same thing too!

  16. I hope you got a good haul! Your springtime garden looks beautiful!

  17. Hi Gail
    Wildflowers on my mind... after a desert sojourn to see them on view at Anza-Borrego.
    Thinking of you as the 'Fling' gets closer.
    Do you plan on attending?

  18. Looking forward to reading what additions you bring home.

  19. Oh my goodness, Gail; I've seen many photos of the purple chairs in your garden, but never with the redbud in bloom beside it--beautiful, beautiful! I always liked the purple, but now I see why it's the perfect hue for these chairs.

    Our local Prairie plant society holds a plant sale, too--but not until the first of May. This is the second year I'll be out of town for it, unfortunately. But, like last year, I'll probably send a shopping list with Beckie:)

  20. That's it! This weekend I am ordering a truckload of native plants for my new border - you have convinced me. You're absolutely right, you can never have too many wild flowers! I love your red bud, absolutely gorgeous.

  21. Hope you picked up tons of great plants..wish we had these sales here...I have to order online for most...will be looking at my garden this year with new native eyes...I have many but would like more

  22. Wildflowers are the best and they adopt so easily and don't mind you ignoring them for a day. Besides, they bloom in abundance, which makes me love 'em!

  23. Looks like Coal is enjoying the view and the spring weather Gail! LOVE the purple chairs with that sweet redbud!

    Hope you had fun at the sale and ran into some friends. Looking forward to seeing what you found there!

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