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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Garden Visit

We've just returned from a wonderful visit to OKC. We had a good time with longtime friend Carrie, who is one of Mr I's best friends from college, her husband Ed and another good friend, college roommate George and his wife Margee. I love these people~They are family.

We've a shared history of youthful exploits, holiday visits, children growing up together and being there to support one another through difficult times. Absolutely nothing is better then life long friendships.
Dee with Carrie
Except making new friends.
Especially with folks who instantly touch our hearts,
share our passion for gardening, family and life.

I met Dee at the first Spring Fling in Austin and got to see her again in Chicago.
I treasure her friendship and admire her garden design skills. The killer view from her kitchen window

If you haven't visited her blog, Red Dirt Ramblin,
you are missing out on her lovely photos,
which accompany the beautifully written essays
on her observations and thoughts
about gardening, plants and life.
Seeing her in the gorgeous garden
she's created was a delightful treat.

The usually green lake is brown with mud from heavy rains

I was expecting hot. After all it is Oklahoma,
but, not heat index temps in the 100s!
It was hot and sunny with a beautiful blue sky every day!

Those sunny skies are perfect for a garden like Dee's.
Not so perfect for photographs.
It's such a lovely garden,
I hope you can look past the over exposed photos
to see a bit of what I saw.

Her garden is filled with scrumptious daylilies, roses, gorgeous shrubs

Carrie at Red Dirt Ramblin
and delightful combinations.
I was very taken with my favorite ever daylily,
Hyperion against the Russian Sage.

and isn't this a smashing textural tapestry?

Let me be perfectly honest with you all!
Dee's truly splendid sunny garden
was a challenge to this shady gardener's
resolve to keep my garden agreements
with C&L! Indeed! It also challenged me to
find a way to keep my first love, daylilies
and add more prairie wildflowers.
I won't be breaking up
with any of them in the near future!

Thank you Dee for a wonderful day~
I love the daylily and Bunny Tail grass.
Lunch was delicious, stopping to see
the prairie wildflowers was inspired.
I'll see you in Buffalo for Spring Fling
and the next time I visit OKC!

xxoo, gail


  1. Sweetie, you are too kind. I'm so glad we got together. It was a splendid day. I loved meeting Carrie. Thank you for bringing us together. Please come back anytime.~~Dee

  2. I've long looked forward to visiting Dee's garden myself one day ... now you make me even more eager to do so!

  3. How lucky that you got to visit Dee's garden and bring along a friend. It's fun to see a garden blogger's garden through another gardener's lens. I totally agree, the Russian sage/'Hyperion' combo is great.

  4. Her garden looks beautiful in pictures, and I'm sure it's even better in person!

  5. What a special visit, bringing together an old friend and a bloggy one! Great garden, great pix!

  6. How funny, I had just left Dee's site when I came here. I'll bet she is sweet and funny in person just like she is on her blog site:)

  7. Gail - We can see through the brightness of the sun to view the fabulous garden beneath. The design looks so interesting, I must visit Dee's blog.

  8. I have family in OK, so I've been fortunate enough to visit Dee's garden in person too. Your pics and text are a lovely reminder of my visit. Yes, her sunny garden makes a shade gardener crave roses, daylilies, and more!

  9. I love her blog and garden. You are lucky to get to visit it!

  10. Oooh, I wish I could have been there. What a gorgeous garden! It's so much more full and lush than someone who lives in the mid-Atlantic thinks of in that part of the country. Dee's a wonderful gardener.

    Thanks for sharing this, Gail!

  11. Hi Gail, What a wonder-filled visit you enjoyed! And how inspiring!! Thanks for sharing. :-) You are a sweetheart and a good friend. Keep it up!

  12. Thanks for giving us this view of Dee's garden...what a treat for you and how lucky I feel that you shared it! She truly does have a lovely garden.

  13. Home sweet Oklahoma, makes me want to belt it out! Dee's garden is the stuff of dreams and she is sweet as sugar candy herself. Your photos look splendid and that is certainly a to die for view from her kitchen window, it would make dish washing very enjoyable. Welcome back.


    ps, Don says you should cut down some trees. HA

  14. You are a lucky lady. It was fun to see Dee's garden through your lens.

  15. Oh my, that view from Dee's kitchen window is a stunner. I saw on her blog that you'd been for a visit and I think I wrote there that maybe you'd head even further west to Colorado!! Little did I know, you are! How exciting. I would love to meet you in person and tour you around my small garden. Please keep me posted about your plans and hopefully it will work out. :-)

  16. Thanks so much for the tour, Gail! Since I was lucky enough to meet you and Dee at the Austin Spring Fling in 2008 I can now imagine you both walking and talking in that wonderful (but Oklahoma-hot) garden.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  17. What a beautiful garden! I would have loved to walk there, and see all the gorgeous flowers! Thanks for sharing, and have a nice day

  18. You garden is very cute. A lot of variety of flowers is there.Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us...


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