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Monday, March 15, 2010

Glad All Over GBBD Celebration

Welcome to C&L's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day
Glad All Over Celebration!

Feel free to break into song at anytime during the tour.

I am glad all over that Spring has arrived at C&L.
Crocus are blooming everywhere

The Tommies make me glad all over~

Till the end of time~I'll be glad all over
that I planted

C Sieberi 'Tricolor' beauties


Baby, I'm glad that the hellebores are all blooming, too!

So, glad they're mine!

Golden Lotus Stunning 3'' double flowers!
Golden double hellebores are rare~

Imagine my surprise to discover that Golden Lotus is a strain.
That means flowers can arrive
with this gentle picotee edge.
Golden Lotus is a dazzler, although not this warm rust

A little more upright flower for sure, but,
one still has to get under the flower to look into its face.

The dafs are in bloom~
Now, that makes me glad,
glad all over, too.

And who wouldn't feel glad to see
Hyacinths beginning to open.


My dear friends, the true signal the spring has arrived,
the event that makes the gardener at Clay and Limestone
really, really glad all over is the arrival of the Spring Ephemerals

First on the scene~

Cardamine concatenata~Cutleaf toothwort

Hepatica nobilis var. acuta

Claytonia virginica~Spring Beauty


I am so glad you all stopped by for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day Glad All Over Celebration! For more blooms and celebrating bloggers from all over the known blogasphere stop by May Dreams Gardens to see Carol...hostess extraordinaire of GBBD on the fifteen of each month.

Have fun and be glad all over.

Thanks and apologies to the DC5 for messing with their hit song! Go here to hear them and sing along!


  1. I'm singing a song of covetousness! Those double hellebores are swoon inducing!

  2. Gail girl !! Wow : )
    You really are in Spring mode .. I hope we are sliding that way too : ) So far so good !
    I was sent Golden Lotus and a few others by a friend and I am so excited to see if it will bloom this year , they are stunning aren't they ? I have lots of Spring bulbs stretching up from the soil ... so I will have them to see for myself not too long .. hope we don't get a fluke snow storm ? LOL
    Yippppeeeee for SPRING : )

  3. Oh Gail, I can see him Dave himself standing at the organ! HA Your garden images make me glad all over too. No daffs here yet, maybe today. And those double Hellebores knocked my socks off, if I had been wearing socks instead of the uggs. Happy bloom day, my friend, you have brightened my day already, hours from sun up. :-)

  4. Gail,
    Your crocus are very nice and those double hellebores are a delight! Funny you have daffs already and ours should just open today. Thanks for making my day with your words and photos!

  5. Your happiness and gladness is contagious too! Spring makes everyone happy!! Beautiful crocus and I love love the tiny sweet Hepatica! Happy Gardening to you Gail! Carol

  6. Dear Glad All Over Gail,

    You've made us all glad to see that Spring has arrived in beautiful Tennessee. Your garden looks beautiful .

  7. Your post fits my mood today. I got some much needed rest last night and I look forward to going out today looking for some blooms. Your blooms are joyous. Those double hellebores are marvelous. They have given me a bad case of the wants. My spring beauties are just showing some green. Happy GBBD.

  8. Gail,
    Do you buy the Cutleaf toothwort, Hepatica, and Claytonia virginica, or did they just come up there? I would love to have the Hepatica!

  9. The Spring Dance is on!! Beautiful. You HAVE to come by Gail, you just aren't gonna believe this...

  10. I'm in love with that translucent hellebore with the picotee edging. I'm so envious of all your blooms. And it looks like the sun is shining there too:)

  11. Linda, The spring beauty and toothwort came with the yard...I bought the hepatica at at a wildflower sale. The SB and T will seed themselves nicely about your garden. gail

  12. Glad all over is a very good condition to have... good for the soul... good for the reader. Love your crocus and hellebores... dazzling for sure in these first signs that spring is upon us. I'm on my way to the gulf coast with my sister... which makes me glad all over, too.
    Happy GBBD and thanks for sharing your beautiful new arrivals with their lovely faces.

  13. Nice Gail! I'm wondering why everyone in TN has crocuses blooming but not me? They are there, they are coming up just soooo late!

  14. Happy Bloom Day, Gail! Wonderful photos of colour and Spring. I’m glad all over with my crocus too. I can’t believe I only became a fan a few years ago :-o

    Hellebores, I’m a long time fan... yours are quite stunning just now. V. jealous mine have been in bud forever. You’ve daffs too… ours are just coming through the ground! I'm glad aIl over that I popped over :-D

  15. You lucky gal, Gail ... surrounded by so much happiness! As always, stunning photos to match your post.

  16. Now I'm not sure if it was you or not...sigh

  17. Beautiful croci! ... or is it crocuses? :) Love your Claytonia, what a delicate beauty. Spring flowers definitely make me feel glad all over.

    I was so happy to read that you found a home for Mrs. P. Hope your thumb/hand is doing better.

  18. Darla, Thanks for the shout out on your blog and I am SO sorry to hear that a peacock has landed in your yard! They are big, beautiful messy creatures. I do occasionally miss Priscilla. gail

  19. Ooh la la! Look at those frilly, showy hellebores you have down there, Gail! They must love them some clay & limestone. :)

  20. Beautiful, I especially enjoyed seeing the hepatica! When I was growing up, the hepaticas were the first flowers of spring in our forest. Now I live in the big city and I haven't seen hepaticas in real life for decades. I miss them.

  21. Gorgeous spring flowers Gail. Your Toothwort is way ahead of mine this year like it was last year. I'm envious of your Hepatica and Spring Beauty. Love the yellow Hellebore too.

  22. 'Golden Lotus' is gorgeous - don't tempt me to get any more Hellebores. (I think I have too many already.) How wonderful that your wildflowers have begun blooming. The Mertensia & Caulophyllum have just sprouted and I think I see signs of life in one of my Hepaticas.

  23. Happy bloom day! Those photos really do make me smile (though not quite break into song). Thanks for sharing!

  24. While I have all the bulbs you show, it's too early here yet for blooms. (Well, at least here at The Garden Faerie. One of my friends has crocuses, but I don't. I don't have as much sun as others and that delays things a bit.) BUT my baby girl witch hazel (a little stick under 4 ft) has bloomed for the first time!!!!!! Happy happy happy!

  25. Ah! The DC5! Now that really takes me back. But what really makes me glad all over are those Golden double hellebores! Wowzers! They are gorgeous! Must-have-some-NOW! Oh dear, I've been hanging 'round my 2 yr. old grandson too long! LOL! So glad it is Spring and we can get back outside once again.

  26. Gail, your opening photo is truly dynamic! The colors! And the double Helebore is amazing...it almost doesn't look real! Beautiful photos for bloom day!

  27. Gorgeous, gorgeous, hellebores. I am suddenly feeling like I need many, many more.

  28. Beautiful flowers, Gail. I just can't get enough of crocuses at the moment - they are out for such a short time that I so enjoy vicariously seeing other peoples' as much as I do my own.

  29. That first shot (the close up of a crocus) is gorgeous. I love the tiny details in plants - if people look close enough at them, they're so intricate in tiny detail.
    Plant and Garden Blog

  30. I am glad all over that spring has arrived at C & L! Not so glad here though because it means more work:( Is there a way we can have a garden and not work? Oh yes, hire a gardener....hmmmm...

  31. aloha,

    you have alot of beautiful blooms coming from your garden today and it looks like alot of sweet smelling blooms also...thanks for sharing....i am stunned by all the amazing helebore varieties you have...magnificent!

  32. Woderful, wonderful pictures. jim

  33. Gail, you have certainly put my pitiful bloom day post to shame. :) Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous is about all I can say. I love those hellebores and the gloden lotus is stunning. As are all the rest of your lovely spring blooms.

    I am glad all over that you are glad all over it is spring at C&L!

  34. Those double Hellebores are so luscious, I must get some.

  35. "I'm feelin, GLAD all over".

    Yes it truly feels like spring at your blog. What a gorgeous collection of Hellebores you have. And many many other beauties also.


  36. Those hellebores are fabulous! And what a great sight to see the ephemerals coming up! Happy Bloom Day!

  37. Well I'm glad all over that you've got such lovely blooms! All of them are such a lovely sight. Someone just recently told me that Elizabeth Laurence called the Spring Beauty "Good Morning Spring". A few of them have popped up in my front yard and I'm glad all over to have them. (Darn, I forgot to take a pic of them for GBBD!)

  38. Beautiful! Those blossoms really do make me glad all over.

  39. Hooray! Hooray! It's a holi-holiday. What a world of fun for everyone, holi-holiday.. (Boney M)

    A great post and lovely pictures / gittan (still singin)

  40. That brought back some good memories of Dave and the boys. Things are definitely looking like spring in your garden. Love those dainty ephemerals!

  41. Now I've got to get the Dave Clark Five out of my head! :-)

    Love all the pretty blooms. Sorry that I didn't make it yesterday, but I had a great excuse -- working in the garden! Hope you were, too.

  42. Oh I forgot to post a picture of our wild Cardamine californica - so sweet and popping up all over. I can't get enough of the spring crocuses! Thanks for your beautiful closeups so I can drown in their color.

  43. I don't know why I don't add more crocus to the garden. They are so beautiful. Your photos are wonderful.

  44. So lovely, Gail--I think I'll sing right along with you. Did I mention the Dave Clark Five was my favorite group in the mid-sixties? After I got over Ringo, that is:) Your hellebores are simply beautiful; I love those ruffled ones, in particular. And I enjoyed your spring ephemerals; enjoy them while they shine.

    I'm visiting my daughter right now, so perhaps by the time I get home, I might be able to celebrate spring as well!

  45. Gail, Your picotee double hellebore is award worthy--absolutely fabulous. Spring Beauties are abloom in the nearby forest borders. They're such lovely little things.

    I feel and return your elation. Spring is here!

  46. Hi Gail......double hellebores, just stunning. So pleased to see yours, as the rabbits took all my doubles. They will come back next year I am sure.

    Your garden must be full of soft spring colour Gail. All that dreaming during the cold winter months now becoming reality. Enjoy.

  47. So many beautiful blooms! Yay for spring!

  48. Lovely photos of the crocus isn't it great to have spring again.

  49. I wonder whether 'Golden Lotus' has made it over this sound of the pond Gail - she's a beauty - I am off to investigate forthwith :)

  50. oh the envy... But I'm so happy that Spring has found you. That means it won't be far from us now. - And I think this might be a little preview of what I'll see out west starting tomorrow... Hope it's all hellebores like yours!!

  51. Ooh, a beautiful bloom day at your house. You are weeks ahead of me. Happy Bloom Day. Yes, a lot of hellebores are seed strain making them a surprise. I love your second bloom on Golden Lotus.~~Dee

  52. Gail, I'm glad all over to see your beautiful spring blooms! My first crocus blooms opened their petals yesterday. JOY! And the sweet little snowdrops are making my heart sing!
    But oh my, your Hellebores are enchanting!! I badly want to plant some with pink blooms! Your double picotee is breathtaking!
    Those delicate ephemerals are delightful. I must go up to our top woods and look for Hepaticas but it may be a little early yet here in upstate NY. Perhaps the Trillium will be blooming though.
    I'm going to be singing that song all day now...but that's OK (great big smile). Thanks for sharing you enthusiam dear Gail. I hope you have a wonderful day and that your hand is feeling much better.

  53. I'm almost certain I commented on this post a few days ago but don't see my comment...so maybe I dreamt it :)
    That pink double Hellebore takes my breath away. What a beauty it is. I love them all.
    And the little crocuses are so bright and cheerful.
    Who can resist those delicate, sweet wildflowers?
    I'm glad all over to see your spring blooms, dear Gail. I do hope your weather has warmed by now and chased your blues away.
    Ours turned very cold and windy today. Hard to take after last week's glorious weather.
    Nevertheless, I feel energized that spring is finally here...and warm days and bright blooms are just ahead!
    Happy Spring!


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