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Monday, December 28, 2009

In The Pink

In the best possible condition...glowing with health!

Practically Perfect Pink Phlox April 2009 here for more stories

That's how I hope to feel after surgery on my right thumb this Wednesday (December 30)~The notion of a fix for the discomfort is right up there with the joy I feel when Phlox pilosa blooms.

As long time readers know PPPP is my signature plant. If you don't know this plant, you must get acquainted with it! This flowering lovely is one of the reasons that the Garden of Benign Neglect is the Garden of Benign Neglect. Phlox pilosa spreads by root and seed to create fragrant pink clouds from mid April to the end of June.

The Garden of Benign Neglect in bloom spring 2009~~do click to enlarge

You don't have to be afraid of this wandering quality~~It's easily divided for sharing with friends and for other spots in your garden. Believe me~~you will love it! Maybe even as much as I do;)

I love to let it be~~To see where it will travel and how beautifully it will intermingle with

Enlarge to see the PPPP and other natives

native grasses, sedges, columbine, tulips, daffodils, crested iris, baptisia, lunaria, salvias, and other native perennials that make their home in the GOBN. It's a look I like back there. Over the last several seasons, goldenrods, 'Chocolate' eupatorium, Rainbow Gaura, Bronze Fennel and liatris have been added for vertical appeal, food for critters and year round interest. But, it's the Practically Perfect Pink Phlox that I really adore.

Are you feeling in the pink right now? I am already feeling better!

Speaking of pink~I'll be tickled pink when I can garden again! I don't just mean when the warmer weather returns...
Costco Pinks from spring of 2009.

This past month has seen my hand lose strength dramatically. Even holding my heavy camera has been difficult...and, I've had to forgo gardening completely! I live in Zone 7~We can garden almost everyday if we want to and I haven't been able to get my Vitamin G at all. Sigh! After surgery, a bit of rest and maybe some physical therapy, this gardener is going to be ready to garden! There is work to be done! Leaves need to be raked and some of the shaggier spent flowering stalks might need to be trimmed back.
Scutellaria incana - Downy Skullcap
I won't cut them down until much later in the season.

In the meantime, I am contenting myself with photos of past springs and
Did I tell you that after PPPP fades the Penstemon X begin to shine? More pink!

winter skies afire with afternoon sun
and watching for any signs of changes in the garden~
Knapp Hill Golden Flare Azaleas.

Red Cascade Rose
Isn't this color amazing!

Warmest thoughts of you all, Gail

Just to let you know after Wednesday, I probably won't be posting until next week!


  1. Dear Gail girl (I can't stop saying "girl" ? LOL)
    I hope the surgery goes quickly and very well and that you will finally feel relief from it all .. no gardener/photographer wants to be held up by that sort of thing !
    Every time I even see the word phlox, albeit pink or not ? I think of you ! : )
    I love seeing pictures of Spring .. even if they are a 3.5 month TEASE for me ? LOL
    Best Wishes for a quick recovery and a VERY Happy New Year !
    Joy : )

  2. Dear Gail, we will sending the very best thoughts your way, make that ARE sending those healing, calming, vitamin G thoughts right now! May the pain be demolished and strength return immediately. Your photos are lovely and will conjure pleasant dreams while you heal.

  3. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Gail!

  4. Gail,
    I just love your PPPP. Your photos make me long for the arrival of spring. I wish you the speediest of recoveries, and I will be sending some warm, spring-inspired thoughts your way!!

  5. Best of luck with your surgery Gail. I loved seeing the GOBN. The lawn drawing you out toward it looks pretty in spring time too. Yes, now we will all be counting the days until spring.

  6. Gail I will be thinking of you this Wednesday... I am guessing a morning surgery? Best wishes for a smooth flawless surgery and a speedy recovery. I am sure all the vitamin G you have been inhaling will help! Lovely post! I love the color and habit of your PPPP... great to see the blooms, as it is cold and snowing outdoors here! Get plenty of rest! All Best! Carol

  7. You will be in my thoughts on the 30th. Here's to being in the Pink!! Your phlox is grand... I see why you love it so.
    Speedy recovery to you and hoping to see you in the blogging world strong and healthy in the new year.

  8. Good luck with the surgery - I hope you're able to recover quickly and get your hands back in the garden soon! Be thinking of you...

  9. Will you be able to dial? Maybe it is time for phone conversations. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  10. Best wishes for the surgery and I hope you are feeling better soon! Phlox pilosa is a wonderful yet underrated native, and it's great that you share information and pictures about it! Good luck and I hope you are back in the garden in no time!!

  11. Gail, wishing a speedy recovery, and the ability to wield the spade fast.

    Can't wait for spring to see what beauty your garden produces.


  12. Gail, I can hear how much you are longing for the surgery to be over and recovery to begin.
    Phlox is such a wonderful plant and among my favorites. I try to add new varieties every summer. Some have the sweetest fragrance, like " Laura ". Smells divine. The pink "Adonis" just fills the breezes with fragrance. I am talking myself into really missing my flowers ;-)
    Wishing you a New Year filled with good health, love, friends, family and flowers.

  13. I hope the surgery goes well & you finally get some relief. We need to get you back out there. I need vicarious gardening now. I envy the climate that allows for gardening all year, albeit at a reduced pace.

  14. Good luck with the surgery. Hope it doesn't take long to get fit again.

    The only think 'pink' about me is my nose...bright red really. I have a cold. I don't feel too bad but my poor nose is sore from blowing it.

  15. Dear Gail, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! And I love your garden of benign neglact - it's beautiful! Wouldn't mind some PPPP myself - I wonder if it's available in this country...?

    All the best!

  16. Hi Gail....I do so hope that your surgery goes smoothly and that you are soon back in your garden enjoying the moment.

    I am without doubt sold on PPPP and whenever I see it, think of you.......we all have our favourite plants....trouble with me is, the list is getting longer by the minute. Blogging has been the main problem, too many lovely plants on display!!

  17. Glad you are in the 'pink'-a lovely spot to be indeed. Best wishes for the new year!

  18. Hello Gail,

    I hope your surgery is successful and that you recover in time to garden this spring. At least you don't need your thumb to plan all that you are going to do when your thumb is healed ;-)

  19. Gail, the very best for 2010. May your surgery & healing be the speediest.
    Spring will be here before we know it & it will be a pleasure to be able to do what we want. For now you can dream.

  20. I have nothing but good thoughts for you and hopes for a speedy recovery.

  21. Best of luck with your surgery - and for a full gardening recovery!

  22. I grow this phlox and it is one of my favorites, as well. A close runner up is the Laura Phlox. - very pretty lavender and white variety.

    I wish you a speedy recovery.

    And, I wish I lived in zone 7 :))

  23. I really enjoyed seeing PPPP in your garden, it looks so pretty with all of your native wildflowers.
    I hope your surgery goes well and you can get out and garden soon!

  24. I hope the surgery completely takes care of your problem and that you have a speedy recovery!

    Thank you so much for being a faithful reader and commenter on Robin's Nesting Place! Happy New Year!

  25. Thank you all for stopping by~~You are the best! As mixed as my feelings are about this surgery and the possibly much longer than I want recovery time...I am glad it will be happening and behind me before long;)

    Zone 7 is a great place to garden~~most of the time. I know that there will be plants blooming in January!

    Have a wonderful New year! Talk with you soon.


  26. Dear Gail,

    I hope all goes well for your surgery tomorrow and that you have a speedy recovery. Just remember -- DO WHAT THEY SAY to recover (in other words, don't garden until you've got the green light from the doc).


  27. Prayers for 100% recovery Gail...It's freezing here right now. I wouldn't even think about stepping into the garden....dreaming of it though...

  28. Gail, You know how much I've always loved your PPPP! The starts you gave me seemed to settle in nicely before our first freeze, so I have my fingers crossed they will survive our frigid winter. You can be sure I'll be looking for signs of their return this spring.

    Good luck with your surgery, Gail. I know that you will be so happy to able to garden once again. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow morning.

  29. Good luck and quick recovery on your surgery tomorrow! And I love the seed pods of Scutellaria incana -- and that solves a mystery for me. I took some photos of similar seed pods at Lurie on Dec. 9 and didn't know what they were and now I do. Not only are the seed pods really recognizable, but S.i. is listed on the Lurie plant list. Problem solved! :)

  30. A lack of vitamin G, that is serious! :( I'm sure you will feel so much better once the surgery is done and your hand has recovered. I will be thinking of you tomorrow.

    The pictures of your garden are gorgeous. Your iris and Baptisia Starlite look really wonderful with PPPP.

  31. Gail, Best wishes for a speedy recovery! And please take it easy for a bit after surgery.

    We'll all be thinking of you.

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  33. You are all the best of best!


  34. Good luck tomorrow, Gail. I know you'll be fine and that your hand will be much stronger once this surgery is over and you've had time to recuperate. Meanwhile, the PPPP and other thoughts of springs past will help to comfort you. And you can type without using a thumb, so we'll expect posts while you heal. We're greedy like that. xxx jodi

  35. Gail,

    Best of luck with the surgery! I know you can't wait for it to feel better. And ditto to what Jodi said! ;)

  36. Hello all~ Staying up late for a snack before NPO past midnight! See you all soon;)


  37. oh no. I missed this post so I did not get to wish you well during your surgery. I hope it was very successful. We need you in your garden ~ it "feeds" us too. PPPP is absolutely beautiful too. Speedy recovery to you Gail.

  38. Dear Gail, hope the surgery was a complete success and you're as comfortable as possible in these early days of recovery.

    PPPP is still poking itself out of our snow cover. She's welcome to spread her pretty self to her heart's content here!

    Take care of your sweet self, and best wishes on a full recovery with healthy doses of vitamin G as soon as you're able.


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