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Friday, September 4, 2009

Meme and Return of Meme

Conoclinium coelestinum/Mistflower
Coelestinum means heavenly,
but, you may wish to dispatch this pretty native to another place,

when/if it get too aggressive in your garden.

I've been tagged...It's been a while since anyone's tagged me, so let's play along. Do you mind a rerun, Cameron (Defining Your Home, Garden and Travel)?

Rudbeckia laciniata/Cutleaf coneflower

I've combined two posts from the archives! They've been edited and hopefully, improved;) Forgive all the I's, they are from the me-me memes!

1. a. I never untie my shoe strings when I take off my tennie runners.... and, b. I have a habit of making up words for common items, like tennie runners for tennis shoes.

2. I love the stark beauty of a cedar glade and the colorful dense planting of a cottage garden....Imagine them together, in the same yard... clown pants!

Phlox paniculata sps. still blooming

3. I joined a writing group a few months ago....We meet monthly for dinner and conversations about life and writing. Last night we had dinner on the porch. Heuchera villosa 'Autumn Bride'

4. I can remember the Latin name of a plant and its common name; but too frequently, not at the same time.

5. I love metaphors.

6. I am almost completely right brained....Which drives our left brained friends really nuts! Curious? Take the test here.

7. No one believes this, but I am an introvert.

Our friend the swallowtail cat

8. I get distracted and forget what I was going to do, going to say and just now going to type....Oh yes, that's it! I don't really know how to type!

Skippers and Swallowtails favor Mist Flower nectar

9. This one's for Frances! She loves this story!

When I was about 15, my best friend and I went to the Club Imperial (St Louis) to see Ike and Tina Turner...I hadn't the faintest idea who they were! But Linda could talk me into almost anything! She had a little red VW Bug and we went all over the place and probably just escaped serious trouble many times. Somehow she heard about this really cool review at a local dance club and dragged me along! Ike and Tina often played there on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Which meant we had not told our parents where we were really going, because it was a school night! The things my mother never knew! This must have been just before Ike and Tina made it big and certainly before they went on tour with the Stones. The club was small and crowded. Did I say how small? I was standing about 5 feet from the 'stage'. They put on a great show! But, here's the interesting part...we some how got to go 'backstage'. Backstage being a couple of rooms just off the dance floor. Ms Tina was back there trying to cool off. She was drenched in sweat and we girls helped mop her back. Sounds weird, but, it was an adventure! Here we were at this cool club, when all our school friends were hanging out at the Steak and Shake and listening to Bob Kuban and The In-Men (The Cheater). Go here for an interview with Bob about his life, seeing Ike Turner at Club Imperial and here to hear his song, The Cheater.

10. I (still) miss Molly Ivins...

Physostegia virginiana/False Dragonhead a mint and doesn't that tell everything!

Thanks folks for being good sports! Have a wonderful weekend and let's hope we all have the weather we need.



  1. This was great fun to read Gail. I too am an introvert. I have a terrible time writing about myself. UGH~~ Your writing group sounds most interesting.

  2. Lovely glimpses of a Gail – perhaps you are like me, introvert like mad a lot of the time, but extrovert in equal meassures when there're nice people around...

  3. Dear Gail, thanks so much for the retelling of this story! It does sound like we were the same kind of 15 year olds. Thank goodness my parents never knew about some very risky shenanigans, but none as exciting as your Tina story. I am in awe! The mistflower has not quite opened here yet, but it is one of the best fall plants in my garden, thug or not. It is easily pulled, after you allow it to bloom of course. I will be taking the brain test. :-)

  4. Gail, why was I thinking this was one of the blogs where I was unable to leave a comment? I was wrong. This is an incredibly fun post. Wondering a couple of things. Have you ever again been to a Tina Turner concert? Being so right-brained makes me wonder if you're left-handed. I'm very, very, very left-handed. I, too, am an introvert but can easily pretend to be an extrovert...for a limited time only.

  5. Hmm, totally right brained, but reading the lists, both apply!

  6. Gail girl .. I can only see that dancer turning clockwise .. how on earth can it be seen anti clockwise ? I am shocked about that .. I am really serious about this, do people see her going anti clock wise ? .. sorry to dwell on this but it kind of shakes me up because I don't know if this is a good thing or not ?
    Other than my dilemma with that test .. WOW !! Tina Turner up close and personal ? that is simply amazing girl !!
    Introvert totally .. but being an army wife and having to move pillar to post .. knocks that, plus the stuffing out of you "suck it up, deal with it and cope" becomes the mantra .. I guess it applies to most of us ?
    Fun post ! .. but I'm still worried about the dancer only moving clock wise ? LOL
    Joy : )

  7. This is a neat meme and not passing it on makes it easy and fun. It's just nice to get to know you better.

  8. LOL, I don't even wear tennis shoes--never felt they fit on my feet right, which is ironic since they're the icon of the comfie shoe! I got on stage at the Thompson Twins concert in 1984. Heh heh. Tina Turner is still pretty cool today!

  9. You are definitely a good sport for doing the meme again. I remember it the first time around. How cool you touched Tina Turner!!

  10. It's always fun to learn a little bit more about your favorite bloggers. The story about meeting Tina Turner is a classic! The things we do when we're young and naive:) I've always thought of myself as an introvert, too, but I think teaching changed that. Your writing group sounds very interesting. I wish I could write a good metaphor!

  11. Man! where to begin?? Tina Turner??? Really! That is pretty neat.
    I miss Molly Ivans too, and Ann Richards. two peas in a pod.

    An introvert?
    I did the right brain left brain...I am also right brained by seeing the dancer turning. interesting.
    I like idioms!
    clown pants?? Great description.

    Tennie runners is in my vocab from growing up...?!?!

  12. Your photos are just beautiful. Very professional looking. You really have a lovely garden. I love the blue mist flowers and they look so nice with the rudbeckias.

    Wow, Tina Turner up close and personal;) Great story.

  13. Wow... I sat there TRYING to see the girl moving in the "left brain direction," and I couldn't even imagine how people could think that! So I guess I'm firmly on your side, Gail! lol.

    By the way, I just realized that I haven't had you on my sidebar blogroll. Yikes! I just assumed that since I visited so often, I'd put you on... sorry for that oversight. :)

  14. Run over here quick and see this!!

  15. Great post, Gail! Now I'll have to take that quiz. (Usually, I come out evenly left-brained/right-brained, but we'll see.) My only brush with greatness was when i'd gotten out of grad school and was home in Nashville trying to get a job. The Police, who'd just released "Roxanne" and were pretty much unknown here, were performing at a locally famous venue, Ellison Place, and some friends and I coincidentally ended up there. (We'd been trying to get into a Tim Curry concert and it was completely full, so we opted for The Police as a fallback.) it was such a small venue that I could have reached out and touched Sting. This still cheers me up to this day!

  16. Dear Gail, and thanks for the link love, my friend! :-)

  17. Gulp, okay, I went onto that website and took the left brain/right brain "test." The dancer was clearly moving counter-clockwise. I've seen those visual perceptions tests where a single image might look like a sexy model to some people and, say, a dolphin to others, but this woman was moving, circling right to left, right to left, which is counterclockwise, right? (You're right if you're guessing I didn't learn to tie my shoes until fourth grade and still wish to God they'd had Velcro fasteners when I was in school so I never had to learn to tie the damn things at all, and learning to tell time was equally challenging.) But I'm not sure how that very specific movement lends itself to different interpretations.

  18. What fun and I can't wait to take the test!

    It's good to know a little more about you and I wish there was a writing group close to me.

    Have a great weekend - we're off to a Bluegrass concert tomorrow AND it's our town's home produce show!

  19. Well, I am right brained too. I tried to see her moving counter clockwise but it was impossible.
    I really enjoyed the Tina story. I love her.

  20. That's a great story Gail, thanks for playing along with the meme. It's fun to learn things about other gardeners. I'm pretty right-brained too, lol. ;)

  21. Hmmm. I just went to the website again to make sure that I wasn't losing it by saying the figure was moving counterclockwise, and she still was. So I pointed a finger at the screen and moved it in a circle clockwise, and behold! The figure began moving clockwise. Somehow I doubt that I've been endowed with superpowers---don't I wish!---so I wonder if, instead, the image has simply been programmed to reverse direction every so often...

  22. OFB, Google 'right brain left brain tests'. There are any number of tests to help you get a good idea of your approach. The Art Institute of Vancouver has a questionnaire that is very informative...and gives you a nice break down of what your answers mean.

  23. Very interesting meme. Cool to see Ike and Tina Turner.

  24. Thank you for sharing! What a great story about Ike and Tina!

  25. You always take such lovely photos of your garden Gail...

    You, an introvert? -- I guess there are more unlikely things. :) :)

  26. I remember the Ike & Tina Turner story, but it still makes me smile. That right brain/left brain thing really freaked me out. Both my kids saw it counterclockwise and then saw it change. I can only see it going clockwise - and I used to think that I was so logical.

  27. Great things to know about you Gail! I love hearing about you and your 15-year-old adventure!

    Ah, my swath of mistflowers took on some kind of mildew, so I've been pulling them out with no fear as I know there are plenty of little ones to sprout again next year.

    Thanks for being a good sport (I think I've only played two memes in all of my blogging. Helen is a "neighbor" so I played along, too)


    PS I, too am an introvert. I was even tested at work where my Meyers-Briggs revealed me to be an ISTJ.

  28. Love the flowers.
    Took the test---I'm both. Now I have an idea what's wrong with me.lol

  29. #7? Me too. So much easier to type things than it is to say them! Have a great weekend!

  30. Hi Gail, I would Love to be able to join a writing group. I'm sure you are having a wonderful time.

    Perhaps you are an introvert, but you are an awfully Nice one! ;-)

    Thanks for posting - another nice peek at a good gardening "buddy."

  31. Hi Gail....I am tired of looking at the dancer...she is still going clockwise...how an earth do you see if go the other way. It has really freaked me out....anyway I am going to get Mr Practical to have a go...so looks like I am with you.

    It is amazing how many have said they are introverts.....is that why people blog....hiding behind something??

    It was a fun read...tks Gail

    Now where's Mr P......

  32. Hi Gail...me again.....I can see that dancer going both ways now....just had to tell you and Mr P is just what I thought he would be left brained.....

    Tks for that, I had some fun.....

  33. It really is a fun little test...I am glad you've all enjoyed it so much! It's not scientific...there are so many factors that go into play...but it is compelling! and, Introverts do seem to be well represented in the blogging world;)

    Hoping your weekend has been filled with dancing in the garden!


  34. I remember that Ike and Tina story. The other 'Me' points are also very interesting. I imagine the writing group to be especially fun. You are so good at it - you must be teaching the group a few things.

  35. Boy, could we use Molly now! I miss her too.

    What a fun post. I've just been tagged for a meme as well but I know I don't have as many interesting stories as you! Loved yours, especially the Ike and Tina one. :-)

  36. Meems, Thank you dear! You would like this women! But they are teaching me! ~ One of the writers edited a popular fiction book, another wrote one! They are being kind to let this blogger join! gail;

  37. The Tina Turner story is worth a revisit, Gail!

    I tried to make the dancer go counter-clockwise...got a little dizzy and went to the Vancouver site..result...58% right-brained.

    Philo said he doesn't believe in these tests, which probably is a sure sign he is LEFT brained, dontcha think ;-]

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  38. I miss Molly Ivins, too. Now I must go take the right/left brain test. My friends and I have been making life lists of all the concerts we've seen and your Ike and Tina story is a wonderful memory.


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