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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Gail Channels Sally Field

Two of my favorite gardenbloggers, Rose, Prairie Rose and Linda, Garden Girl have kindly given me awards. Both had the nicest things to say about the recipients. Would you all understand if I told you...I really don't need an award...the greatest gift from this fantastic blogging journey has been meeting all of you wonderful people who visit my blog. Linda and Rose have been good blogging friends. Thank you...your kind words are the best award this shy girl could receive!

Blogging is more than an an online journal for me. It is about a community of people I have come to respect, admire and really enjoy. I like you all so very much. Every time I open my blog and see a new comment, I feel honored that you have taken the time to share a story, give a word of encouragement or just rest awhile and look at the photos.

It's true, I am dancing around the issue of passing the awards on...I am going to, I am just slow. If you want to read a really good post about awards...Rose said it far better than I could in her post!

How's that for a fox trot to the other side of the ballroom! (My post shall be forthcoming)

While weeding and thinking about awards...it hit me very strongly that I wanted to give an award to some special people.

So here goes!

1. Leanne. For her courage. She isn't a blogger, but she jumped in one Wordless Wednesday and asked for help....then she came back to participate in the community conversation.

2. To all of you... For your generosity. You joined the conversation to offer your advice and encouragement and it was greatly appreciated.

3. To all non commenting visitors. For your curiosity. You don't post, but read our blogs. We know you are there and appreciate your visits! Please feel free to comment; you can post as anonymous and we don't care if you haven't a blog.

4. To all my Gardenblogger friends. For your compassion. You have enriched my life and offered me support during difficult times and laughter, so much good laughter! Thank you!

5. To my husband...For his unconditional love. He still doesn't get blogging, but he encourages me, listens to my post ideas, goes on field trips and occasionally suggests places to visit.

Warmest thoughts,


There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. --Albert Einstein


  1. Gail what a wonderful post !
    I have felt badly about neglecting all the great people (you included girl : ) .. that stop by my blog and leave comments. I so appreciate each and every one of them .. it takes my mind off my problems and that can be such a relief at times.
    I love the quote from Albert Einstein .. I can say most days I feel that way(the miracle attitude) which in turn makes me feel happier inside .. I just have to keep that little light on more often ?
    My husband is a great support too .. and isn't quite sure about the blogging like yours .. so I understand that part ! LOL
    I can't add anything that you haven't already said .. it is such a wonderful community we share .. I am in awe of it at times .. Believe it or not I share your shyness and this has been an amazing road to travel.
    Thank you for your part in it : )

  2. Gail, my curiosity got the better of me when I saw your title. Now I understand. And I think most of us feel that same way whenever we see comments on our posts. Like you I feel honored and enjoy answering each one and. It is a wonderful community out there and the sum is greater than it's parts. I found you through Rose and have been delighted ever time I visit. So yes! We really Like you!!

  3. I left a comment buy didn't realize that I wasn't signed in to blogger so it didn't take. Must check for that always. Anyway, you are so eloquent in your acceptance speech, what a gift you have. Also, that quote at the end is the best. May I pass it along to the offspring?

  4. That was well said and expressed what so many of us feel! It is a wonderfully supportive community of gardeners! Warmest wishes right back at you!

  5. Joy,

    Please don't apologize! But thank you for your sweet words! I count you as one of my good blogging friends and always look forward to your posts...never feel like you have to comment, although when you do I usually get to laugh with you!


  6. Beckie,

    You are gonna make Sally cry! Gail will have to drag her off the stage and give her a tissue! I am very glad you found me at Rose's place. Doesn't that sound like a cozy place to hang out? Sally and I like you guys, too.


  7. Frances,

    Thank you...and you know the quote is for all to use! It's funny this awards business...I think we all like them, but it is hard to give them out! When it says choose 5 I think, 5 there are 105 excellent bloggers I want to pass these on to!
    Sometimes someone writes a really good post and I think Gold Star Writing!


  8. Very nice sentiments about the blogging community!

  9. Gail,
    I popped in tonight and at first was baffled, but amused, by your title! Yes, we really, really like you! hehe

    Seriously though, I'm really glad you came over one day to my place, so I could discover the warm and wonderful place you have going here! Guess I'll have to tell more people about Savage Cottage Garden style, lol.

    I've learned a great deal from your blog, especially about the southern native flowers ... I feel so provincial sometimes because we're still working on getting the Iowa natives represented.

    And then there's the Dragon Arum, which came in on the Mothership from above to throw things out of prairie whack, lol. Isn't it fun experimenting in the garden? Even if you're not always pleased by the results? Always something to keep you alert and on your toes!

  10. Gail, your awards are richly deserved. You do such a fine job blogging, and I have to agree with you that meeting all of my blogging and reading friends has made my journey the best. Meeting you @ the Spring Fling was a wonderful experience too. Keep on keepin' on.~~Dee

  11. Such a thoughtful post Gail. Your warmth always shines through your blog.

    I missed the Austin fling, but sure am looking forward to Chicago next year. I hope you'll be able to come!

  12. Dee,

    Thank you...I did so much enjoy meeting you, too. Fling was fun and as I've said before...2009 seems a long time from now!


  13. gardengirl,

    I am planning on being there in 2009 and we will be there in August to meet my son for a long weekend. I know it will be hot and humid but, he is attending a conference and want to see his parents!

    Thank you for the nice compliment.


  14. Gail, when you're in Chicago, we have to meet up if you have time. I feel the same way about awards. It's so hard to choose just 5 & I don't want to insult anyone not chosen. I've been sitting on mine & don't know what to do.

  15. This Blogging has opened up a new world to me! I no longer sit in front of the TV watching silly stuff. I instead, sit in front of this computer and learn from REAL people! We seem to have so much in common with each other. I have considered myself shy in the past but outlets such as this have opened up my world! I have been brave enough to meet some Bloggers in person. I must say before each meeting I would think, “What in the world will we talk about” and “Is this a mistake to meet like this”? Once meeting face to face, the words seem to flow as if we have all known each other for many years! It is a wonderful thing this blogging. I just wish I had a clone to assist me in getting to more sights! I just don’t have time for all of them….

  16. MMD,

    That would be a lot of fun! I'll send you the dates and see what the schedule looks like!

    I was at another site and a woman gave the award to every blog she regularly reads! Told them it was up to them what to do with it! I am trying to remember where I saw that...I think it was a link from Rose's site or Beckie's...maybe they will know? Ladies?


  17. Gail, I don't know how I missed this post, but I'm glad I found it today. This is an excellent post, and I share your feelings about awards and blogging in general. Thanks for the kind words, too.
    In the few months I have been blogging, I have been amazed at how many people I have met and have come to know as friends. I look forward every day to reading others' blogs and sharing their ups and downs in life, learning new things, and laughing as well. I just wish I had more time!

  18. Rose,

    Exactly...there isn't enough time to visit and comment on everyone's blog I love. I love so many! Plus, there are a slew of other blogs I want to see...non gardening ones! I can't do this full time...my husband is fab but I have to work!

    I am pleased that you liked the post...that means a lot to me!



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