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Friday, February 15, 2008

So Dear, Tell Me Again Why You Blog?

My husband asked me why I wanted to blog. He isn't a gardener so the need to share with other gardeners, talk about gardening or read about gardening doesn't appeal to him. But because he has other fabulous qualities (for instance, he hardly ever complains about my addiction to plants, never complains about picking up dinner when I have been outside all day and am too tired to pick it up myself, he doesn't care what I do to the yard and he made me an Inuksuk*) I will give his question serious thought and attempt to answer it.

Why did I want to blog? It's really simple, I was frustrated that I couldn't find anyone talking about cedar glade gardening. Don't get me wrong, there are wonderful websites with great information about cedar glades, but almost all are government sites or natural areas. Just google cedar glade gardens and see what I mean.

The problem was that none of them spoke directly to the gardener who wanted to honor the cedar glade conditions she had come to accept, albeit reluctantly. So I decided to start a blog that would talk about my experiences gardening and about cedar glades.

My hope is that others in the Middle Tennessee-Central South will find it helpful.


*an Inuksuk is singular for Inuksuit. "Inuksuit were stone figures placed on the temporal and spiritual landscapes by the Inuit people of Canada. Among many practical functions, they were employed as hunting and navigation aids, coordination points, indicators, and message centers."
To see more visit: http://www.arcticinuitart.com/culture/inuk.html


  1. Interesting picture of your Inuksuk, I didn't realize they wore tennis shoes! Welcome to blogging! I'm looking forward to hearing about your cedar glade gardening experiences. :)

  2. Dave,
    My husband has a marvelous sense of the absurd...

    Thanks for stopping by...


  3. what are you calling a cedar glade?

    i like your inuksuk. there was an article not long ago featuring them. i don't have one but sure like yours! if it winds up missing one day......

  4. Tina,

    That's a good question...and I am in the process of writing up post to talk about that subject...in the meantime let me give you a answer that I hope is helpful...Elsie Quarteman, a cedar glade expert, biologist and emeritus prof from Vanderbilt University recognizes six Cedar Plant zones, each based upon soil depth. My yard has a small Grassy glade area that is sunny with soil less than 4 inches deep with some exposed rock and an area I think of as a hybrid shrub/ cedar woods/oak history forested area with just a bit deeper soil. While I haven't the classic plants endemic to CGs. Hypericum,sedges, glade privet, small's ragwort etc seem happy here. Wow...I do go on! Forgive me, I am new to this!

    Gail ;-)

  5. Nothing to forgive it sounds like good information. I'd like to learn more! Also make sure you enable the open ID setting on your blogger account so other people can comment on your blog. It should be under the comments tab where it says "Who Can Comment?" I just keep mine on the anyone setting which allows anonymous users.

  6. Dave,
    Thanks for the heads up....I keep learning.

  7. Gail,
    I stumbled across you today and I'm glad you started blogging.
    I started because none of my family or friends understood the total excitement of finding that packet of seeds you've been looking for for years, or the way my heart jumps over the 'perfect' plant specimen. No gardeners near enough to shoot the breeze with! lol.

  8. ...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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