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Sunday, February 24, 2008

My New Post Published With the Draft Date, Has Been Re-Dated, But This Is a Fun Read.

My husband is the shy retiring type

Okay, when will I learn all this stuff! This is one of the reasons I am going to hang out with all the Garden Bloggers in Austin. I want to absorb their hard earned knowledge. Osmosis.

When I finished the draft and hit publish I thought I had successfully published ...but then I couldn't find it! It was hiding and I have been looking all over my blog and blogger help for what I might have done wrong!

Guess who found it? My incredibly patient husband! It has published under the draft date of February 20th. I had started the post back then and wasn't ready until this morning. Who knew, not me, that I needed to alter the draft date.

So much to learn....good thing the days are getting longer.

So, if you want to read todays post....it's down a bit and titled: Central Basin.




  1. that is funny. i did that too. wish i had thought to tell you! would've saved you alot of time. always make sure the publish date is the same as when you publish. you must've gone back in and edited it to now show up? easy to do. funny, funny! and you admitted it? i kept mine secret hoping no one would notice. lol

  2. Tina,

    Thanks as always for your support!


  3. Hi Gail !
    You hubby is a scream in that outfit ? LOL .. no , I won't ask questions .. I have a hubby too , so I know !
    Funny .. they do seem to be able to step up to the bat when we need them ? haha
    I have to look at that issue of time as well.
    Cute post !

  4. Gail, we are delighted that you are joining us for the Garden Bloggers Spring Fling. There will be lots of blogging knowledge to soak up, considering all the garden bloggers who are coming! And then there's the gardening chit-chat too...


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